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Stories Behind Singapore's Oldest Family-Run Restaurants

Welcome to, the website for the books "Delicious Heirlooms" and "Delicious Heirlooms 2: Our Hawkers, Our Heritage Heroes". "Delicious Heirlooms" was published on 14 Feb 2019 and paid tribute to 10 well-known family-run restaurants in Singapore, some dating back to the 1920s. Delicious Heirlooms 2 was launched on 30 July 2022 and salutes the hard work and contributions of our hawkers. These books are a timely tribute to Singapore’s food scene and heritage, the book recounts the sacrifices and hardship that many of the founders experienced to eke out a living. The books received National Heritage Board ("NHB") grants and are both published by Straits Times Press.

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Heritage Hunter

I am a firm believer in recording our heritage and history. You can also see this in my personality and style... maximalist and hoarder haha. To have been given the chance to write this series of books which captures the stories of the founders of Singapore's cuisine and our culinary past has been exciting and scary all at once! Scary because it is a huge responsibility. Exciting because it has given me the chance to realise my dreams. When I am not researching or not writing, I continue to trudge on in my career as a banking & finance lawyer, something that I am also extremely proud of and have been doing for over 20 years. Oh and did I mention that I am an avid tennis player who recently witnessed what must be considered a renaissance in the sport? Will continue till my joints protest... which may be very soon for this old bag of bones!!!

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女律师撰写 《美食传承》

Many thanks to Sin Ming Chinese newspaper for running this story today, featuring 2 of the 10 restaurants (Ming Chung Restaurant and...

Delicious Heirlooms

I have something quite exciting to tell you!!! So it appears that I do have a life beyond the office and work! There is nothing more...

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