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Stories Behind Singapore's Oldest Family-Run Restaurants

Welcome to, the website for the book "Delicious Heirlooms". "Delicious Heirlooms" will be published on 14 Feb 2019 and will pay tribute to 10 well-known family-run restaurants in Singapore, some dating back to the 1920s. This is a timely tribute to Singapore’s food scene and heritage, the book recounts the sacrifices and hardship that many of the founders experienced to eke out a living. The book received a National Heritage Board ("NHB") grant and is published by Straits Times Press.

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  • Kim Kit Ow

Get to know Singapore’s oldest family-run restaurants

Lovely to see The Peak magazine running this story (originally published in the ST) about my upcoming book in their Gourmet and Travel section. Many thanks. Merry Christmas everyone!

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